Data scientist by profession
SpringSource Certified Instructor, Spring I/O organizer, javaHispano Core Member. Tennis Lover
Senior Software Engineer / @SpringIntegration Committer
software development aficionado, Editor @InfoQFR, SDK Engineer @couchbase
Developer at SmartThings
Java Platform Engineering is the New Microservices Glue
Field Engineer at Pivotal
Principal Software Engineer at Pivotal Inc.
Software Professional, Golfer, and Dad.
@pivotal @springcentral Lead of #SpringCloudStream
Core Spring Framework and JUnit Committer. Enterprise Java Consultant at Swiftmind. Spring Trainer. Spring User Group Lead at
Father, Husband, Grails Developer, Object Computing Inc. Engineer, Toxophilite, Prog Rock And Heavy Metal Fan.
Software engineer at Paradigma Tecnológico
Software Engineer @Gradle, Inc. Conference speaker. Introvert ( Wrote the static compiler for #groovylang.
Engineer at Pivotal
Spring Framework committer, Pivotal inc.
Software developer by passion @JetBrains
Ha^H^HSoftware Engineer
Mom, wife and cloud geek
Spring Framework and Reactor committer at @Pivotal, @Kotlin addict, @MixIT_Lyon conference organizer and co-worker at @La_Cordee
Founder Gradle, CEO Gradleware
Couchbase Developer Advocate for Java developers and the French community. Devoxx Champion. I am also a nerdy metal head living in Paris.
Been doing computer security since long before it was fashionable...
Groovy/Grails educator and practitioner
Spring Integration founder, Spring Cloud Data Flow co-lead
Developer Java, Groovy, grails, javascript. Grooscript developer.
IT architect focusing on Java, Java EE and their surrounding ecosystems. trainer, book writer, speaker & blogger. Curious but pragmatic.
Software architect and developer. Sr. Software Engineer at Pivotal, working on Spring Framework and Cloud Foundry.
Senior Agile Developer, Architect, Mentor, Trainer
Solutions Architect at Hazelcast by day and a hands-on hacker at night
Software Engineer
Spring Data Project Lead
Software Engineer at Pivotal Inc
Grails Developer, Software Consultant, Maker: I build things
Information Technology Public Speaker and Career Coach * Skill-set Improvement and Career Enhancement
Principal Enterprise Architect
Staff Engineer @ Pivotal
Principal Engineer at Pivotal Inc. Spring Framework project lead.
Vice President of Engineering
Father, husband, son, techie & generally helpful guy working as a Solution Architect for @Pivotal @CloudFoundry rkelapure at pivotal dot io
Father husband Australian software-developer craftsman computer-scientist author speaker trainer mentor manager innovator committer swimmer cyclist gardener
Product Marketing Manager at ZeroTurnaround
Software trainer and developer, NFJS speaker, and author of Making Java Groovy
Technologist in the Transformation Practice at Pivotal Software
Product Ninja and Advocate at Restlet, and Groovy project lead
Consultante freelance, développeur passionné, agiliste convaincue et sensibilisatrice aux notions de qualité de code.
developer tools and runtime technology programmer, lead of the Spring Tool Suite at Pivotal, innovator, and coach for agile software development
the Spring Advocate @Pivotal; @david_syer's my spirit animal; @pearson; @OReillyMedia
Geek, Father, Groovy & Grails Developer, Speaker, Sysadmin, Linux-lover, Lord of Sealand, @greachconf organizer. Working at @kaleidosnet
- Project Reactor Lead and All Things Reactive @Pivotal - on @ProjectReactor -
Enterprise Architect at Pivotal
Software architect, open source IAM evangelist, Java/LDAP code monkey and cycling enthusiast
Technical Director at Pivotal. Passionate about technology. Cloud Native, Big Data, Fast Data, Artificial Intelligence.
Software Engineer. Spring Boot & Framework team member.
Lead Software Engineer, Senior Manager, & Architect
Software Developer, CTO of ThirdChannel
Principal Software Engineer at Pivotal
Software Developer / Architect
Data Engineer - Maths - Machine Learning - Duchess France Leader - GDG Leader
Software Engineer
Father and Web Architecture Consultant with a passion for skiing, mountain biking, VWs and good beer. Currently restoring a '66 21-window VW Bus.
Staff Engineer at Pivotal
Software engineer making Big Data more accessible for Spring developers
Grails Project Lead at OCI
API Architect / Evangelist, Grails Developer
Principal Engineer; Spring Integration/AMQP Lead, Pivotal Software Inc.
JFrog Developer Advocate
Senior Software Engineer at Netflix
When I grow up, I want to be a computer scientist… until then, I write code. Now at @moogmusicinc — Former distributed system & API dude at @terracottatech
Software Engineer at Transcend Insights
CEO, Elodina Inc.
Product Manager for @springcentral on @pivotalcf. DevOps/Continuous Delivery/Microservices junkie. Christian, husband, dad, Flufftalker @NoFluff.
Spring Framework team member, Pivotal senior staff
Can't write books but tell stories in code.
Lifelong student of computer science, eternal optimist
Senior Engineering Consultant at Pivotal
Entrepreneur, father to 3 young boys, husband to @r_vogeleisen, director/co-founder of Incept5 & C24, keen photographer, über-geek, travel a lot, 140 chars yet?
Husband, Father, Technologist, Author of Pro Spring Batch, Woodworker, Photographer, Educator, Thrill seeker, Student. Thoughts are my own.
Founder of @nemesissoftware. Mathematician from Bulgaria, author @ManningBooks, ex #maven developer and Jakarta PMC member @TheASF
Working on Spring Cloud at Pivotal Inc.
#Cloud Developer Advocate @Google. Loves #Java. Lives in NYC.Creator of @JDeferred. Ex @JBoss, @RedHatSoftware, @Accenture.
Test-bitten script junky at Pivotal and member of the Spring team.
Engineer at Pivotal
Architect | Programmer
Proponent of Grails,Groovy, Linux and cloud computing. Co-Chair of the Austin Groovy and Grails Users Group. Maintainer of several Grails plugins.
Data Scientist @ Pivotal
Writer of Code, player of Bass. Author of GVM, the Groovy enVironment Manager.
Spring Framework committer and current lead of Spring Boot
Independent software consultant.
Technologist, Architect, Open Source Advocate
Senior Software Engineer at Netflix
Spring Boot committer and Spring IO Platform lead at @Pivotal. iOS developer at @DeftMethods. Views, models, and controllers are all my own.
Open source enthusiast; Project Lead for @SpringSecurity, Spring Session, @SpringLDAP; @SpringFramework commiter; Employed by @pivotal; Author
i make the codez.